“Amber” Beachwear Collection on HRM GLORIANA

 The exceptional Collection of Amber swimwear and tunics was highlighted on the Oyster 825 yachts in St. Catherine’s Dock in association with Prestige London. With the collaboration of fashion icon Jane Taylor creating hats for Fase di Moda adorned with amber.

Fashion TV filmed the fashion show adjacent to HRH  Gloriana  and demonstrated the process of creating professional photo-shoots with models presenting the “Amber” beachwear collection.  


Horoscope Swimwear Collection on the Prestige Yacht & Catwalk at Old Billingsgate

Irina Dobbs latest inspirational designs for Fase Di Moda were highlighted at the Prestige Fashion Events at Old Billingsgate and St Katherine Docks during Prestige London.

Fase di Moda’s Horoscope collection of swim and beachwear continues with the “Spiritual Fashion” theme, which blends the signs of the Zodiac with swimwear encrusted with semi-precious birthstones. 


"James Bond" fashion show at prestige London

Exclusive catwalks and a series of James Bond themed fashion events took place at Old Billingsgate during Prestige London  4-6 May 2016. 

A few of the British names taking part in the catwalk show are Fase di Moda, Sonata Rapalyte and Raine & Bea, accompanied by ITEM m6 (Germany), AMOIRAI and Kompliqué (USA) and PGM Fashion (Singapore). The James Bond theme  graced this high profile fashion show, as visitors had a chance to watch models showcase the latest lingerie and swimwear collections among Aston Martin and Ferrari luxury cars.

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